Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let Me Tell You Why I Love Lorraine (Johnson) Silveira....

Lorraine Silveira née Johnson has been my best friend since I was in 4th grade. She moved in to our neighborhood at the same time I was transferring out of private school and into the public school system. So as you can imagine, times were pretty stressful for a couple of 4th graders. Her family is Italian Long Islanders that loved to laugh out loud and eat yummy pasta with garlicky bread. She had more dogs in her house than I had ever had in my lifetime, R.I.P. Gretchen, Wolfgang and Rufus respectively. When you were at Raines house, there was always laughter and love, laundry and London Broil. Her father, Ken, would talk babytalk to her Mother, Diane, when he thought he could get away with something...I loved it when he did that. It always made me laugh! Raine and I both grew up with a passion for romance novels, long walks around the block and boys. We were little peeping Toms at Guy's house whenever Lumps, the dog, wasn't barking at us. But we knew that Guy knew we were there....

Lorraine was what you would would call a true friend. She never imposed her friendship, but never waned either. She was the one person I have entrusted all my girlhood secrets to, and some grown up ones too. She is a dog lover and a wonderful Mother. I am so proud to call her 'Friend'.

So, this Blog is for you Raine. I love you.

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