Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ticklish equals Tension

It is unknown why certain people find areas of the body to be more ticklish than others; additionally, studies have shown that there is no significant difference in ticklishness between the genders. In 1924 J.C. Gregory proposed that the most ticklish places on the body were also those areas that were the most vulnerable during hand-to-hand combat. He proposed that ticklishness might confer an evolutionary advantage by enticing the individual to protect these areas. Consistent with this idea, University of Iowa psychiatrist, Donald W. Black observed that most ticklish spots are found in the same places as the protective reflexes. That being said, If I were to come up behind you and run my fingers over your ribcage, would you squeal? Or would you swing? Either way it spells T-E-N-S-I-O-N. So, lets talk about Intercostal Massage. Huh? What? Intercostal?
Ribs, silly. I am talkin' about RIBS.

Your body is always tense. Some areas are more tense than others due to stress, fatigue, or general over-use. But as a whole, the deeper muscles are always in a state of contraction in order to balance you, keep you upright, or to protect the vulnerable areas such as the internal organs. Think about the muscles that lie between the ribs. They allow the ribcage to expand as you inhale and retract in order to push the diaphragm down as you exhale. I would say they are pretty important. So? Why not give them a little relief?

Releasing the tension of the Intercostals is not always pleasant. Tenderness, burning and itching may ensue. But once the massage has been completed, the relaxation and facility of deeper inhalation is worth the procedure. It is rather simple. The Therapist will lie you on your side and as you breath deeply in & out, he/she will slowly slide a finger between the spaces of your ribs from the back to the front, triggering the muscles to relax and expand. You have no idea how much tension and stress hide within these muscles. I urge you to find a therapist and release that tension today. You will be amazed at how much better you feel. Allowing your ribcage greater expansion means more oxygen can fill the lungs which means more oxygen to the brain and surrounding cells, tissues and organs. This in turn creates a domino effect which can release congestion and aid in lowering blood pressure. Clarity of mind. Emotional well-being.

" One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing."
Byron Nelson

Need I say more?

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  1. You will find your body craving this work once you begin. Jones'n for a rib rub. K-